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Quotes for girls Attitude Status

Best Attitude quotes for girls | Girls attitude status images

Attitude status is now a day common for everyone. In this Social media era, Attitude status is the need of every people to show their profile to others.

Now a day Social media is a living need or style to every people.

Here are some attitude quotes status for girls to show their coolness other people's.

  • Bad girls don't have time to help people, but Good girls are those who can help others.

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  • Always act like you are the queen.

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  • Beauty is only skin, face, and figure, but the attitude is in the bone.

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  • Smartness is next-gen beauty.

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  • Be the girl with a mind, bitch with an attitude, and a lady with class.

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  • Never down your heel, head, and standards. Always up!

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  • You will find girls more pretty than me, funnier than me, and smarter than me, but you will never find a girl just like me.

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  • Who treats me like a queen, I treat them like a king and if someone just wants to play with me, I will show him exactly how to play.

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  • I love my confidence, coz I don't need makeup to get it.

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  • Your story is like History, but my story is like Mystery.

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  • Good girls are also bad girls, but they never get caught.

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  • Don’t compare me with other girls. Coz I’m one of a kind.

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  • Yes, I am may not be the girl that people want, but I am not the girl that people don't want.

  • Do not search for someone that will solve all your problems, there is no one. Find one who divides your problems.

  • Sometimes I want to be a little girl because bruised knees are healed but broken hearts are not easily.

  • Every girl needs that guy who can help her to laugh, not to cry.

  • No matter how a woman looks like, if she has confidence, she is beautiful.

  • A confident woman wears a smile on her face and can spread it anywhere.

  • Be whatever you want to be, not whatever others want.

  • My one of the biggest dream is to eat so much but not getting fat.

  • I am a girl, not a doll, so don't touch my hair, face, phone, or boyfriend.

  • If a girl tells you to leave her alone, don't do it. Coz the girl wants you with her.

  • Boys also lie, but girls can do it better.

  • Boys will never understand how much a little thing can hurt a girl.

  • I will never be for any man’s free time or sometimes.

  • To handle a strong woman, you have to be a strong man.

  • If you are fearless then don't say in my back, tell me in my face.
  • Trust is never re-creatable, so be careful. Once it breaks, it will never like the same again.

  • Just because I started the conversation, doesn’t mean I want you.

  • I am one of a billion. So don't compare me with other girls.

  • If you are don’t care about me, the same here!

  • Before judging me and say me wrong, prove that you are right.

  • The hot girl with a cool attitude.

  • You have two-faces and both of your faces are ugly.

  • Be the real one with me or don't come to me.

  • Never shows me your attitudes. My blocklist has more number then your friend list.

  • My no 1 solution for every problem is sleep.

  • Stop showing me your attitude, Coz if I start showing you mine, you will not be able to handle it.

  • They hate me coz they can't put me down then they are.

  • Sometimes I feel jealous of myself.

  • My attitude is not the problem, the problem is in your thinking.

  • You asked me to be cool but do you know that I am the coolest?

  • Only gravity can put me down, nothing else can do it.

  • You are not the author of my life story, so don’t advise me on how to live my life and concentrate on your life.

  • My attitudes depend on what's the behavior of the people in my front.

  • At first, stop telling lies about me to people, or I will start telling truth about you.

  • People know about me, you don't need to explain with your opinion.

  • Best replay to people who ask you about your job, tell them I mind my own business.

  • Always give smile to your enemies, it kills them many time.
Quotes for girls Attitude Status image
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