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Wedding anniversary Quotes | Wishes | Messages

Happy Anniversary Quotes

How do you wish someone a happy anniversary?

 - Well, Anniversary is the day of love. Not only love its coz of true love.

So when you are going to wish someone, then make sure that you read a wonderful quote.

Having some gift is also better, but don't worry, when you said a wonderful quote then they will forget about other things.

And if you are the Husband or the wife then the gift is most needed.

But Quotes?

Here are some Wedding anniversary quotes Wishes for you.

Wedding anniversary Quotes | Wishes

Happy anniversary quotes for wife or husband

There is no one who loves me as you do. In all the world, there is no one which I believe more than you. Happy wedding anniversary.

Because of you, I depression-free, laugh a little more, forget about cry, and smile is always in my face. Happy wedding anniversary.

I request to the god, that the god will give me death one day before you die, then I never have to live without you.

You are my life, you are my love, you are my today, you are my tomorrow and you are mine forever. Happy wedding anniversary.

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For both of us, our home is not a place. It is like a haven And we are living here. Happy wedding anniversary.

A lifetime in the same place is like boring but with you, it becomes the joy of life. Happy wedding anniversary.

A happy life after marriage is only possible when it is the right person for you. You know, you are the right person in my life who makes my life so happy. Happy wedding anniversary.

Now I know the secret of our happy life is you. Your understanding is the thing which makes our life so happy, thanks and happy wedding anniversary.

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A successful marriage; falling in love many times with the same person, like me who falls in love every time when I see you.

There is an ocean of people, but my eyes are always searching for you. Happy wedding anniversary.

I wish there was a word more than ‘love’ which can explain how much I love you. Happy wedding anniversary.

Anniversaries are just passing years, but our love and cares are the permanent things we have. Happy wedding anniversary.

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Happy wedding anniversary to the queen of my kingdom, from your king.

Thanks for completing my uncomplete life, without you I never been complete. Happy wedding anniversary.

Happy wedding anniversary to my beautiful and caring wife.

It's so tough to find that one special person which is not perfect for everyone but perfect for me, and then I got you as my perfect person, Happy wedding anniversary.
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As more days go by, my love has been more frequent.

Some people ask me about the secret of our happy married life, but they don't know honesty and understanding is our thing which makes every relation to a perfect relation. Happy wedding anniversary.

Anniversary quotes for couples, parents, friends brother, sister on cousin.

The secret of a happy life is the partner, and you got the perfect partner for you. Happy wedding anniversary.
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Real love stories are become more romantic from time to time and never ends. Happy wedding anniversary.

The best thing to hold in whole life is love for each other. Happy wedding anniversary.

Life is a journey of time, and whole the time love is the thing that makes the journey to a happy journey. Happy wedding anniversary.

You two are the couple from whom I started to believe in love. Happy wedding anniversary.
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I don't know whatever your souls are made of, but the same thing in you two. Happy wedding anniversary.

Love is not about how much of the years you have been together. Love is about how much a loving moment you have in a single day. Happy wedding anniversary.

The years will pass, but the love between you both only grows stronger as it now, time will never come between you two. Happy Anniversary!

Happy Wedding Anniversary! May your love grow stronger then it is now, spared love and inspire all. 
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Happy Anniversary! May the god give you many more years of life together and celebrate love getting stronger and stronger with time.

I love to see that from so many years you two still love each other so much. May you get thousands of more happy moments. Happy Anniversary!

Falling in love not so hard, but staying in love is rare to see. The same getting married is not hard, but become it happy married life is not easy. You both do it. Happy Anniversary!
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You two's give the real meaning to this beautiful relationship. Wish you a very happy anniversary.

The only secret behind a successful and happy marriage has become the right person. finding for the right person is so rare, you both are doing this so greatly. Happy anniversary.

May your every day become a special day as your wedding day. Wishing you a very happy anniversary.

I get the real meaning of a wedding after see you two. Now I have the belief of marriage. All the best and Happy anniversary.
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After years, you two are still an amazing couple. I wish you a very happy anniversary.

Happy wedding anniversary to the cutest couple in the world.

I wish you a very happy wedding anniversary. You two are the best couple I see in my life.

Happy wedding anniversary to the best and blind lover couple.

May the bond of love between you get more strong every year and your every anniversary becomes exciting. Happy wedding anniversary to both of you.
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We are very happy to become your friend who is the best couple in the world. Happy wedding anniversary.

Generally, people say that happy married life after years is impossible, but you two prove them wrong.

Congratulations to both for discovering the happiest married life. Happy wedding anniversary.

Falling in love is need a moment, but it takes a lifetime to prove that love is forever. Happy wedding anniversary.
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Nothing can do hold a marriage together without love. Love is the thing which can hold people's whole life. Happy wedding anniversary.

Happy wedding anniversary to you my friend. May your love life become more happy years by years.

Marriages become happy married life only when both of the partners are loyal and understanding. You both are truly like them, Happy wedding anniversary.

A wedding anniversary is to mean the celebration of true love. May your true love get stronger day by day.
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Wishing you two a very very long and wonderful life together on this occasion.
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