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63+ Thoughts of the day Motivational | Short Quotes

Inspirational short thought quotes

If you are feeling mood-off or not energetic at this time we have some Motivational short quotes which will give you a strong will for the day.

Life quotes give us true knowledge of our life to become it simple and better.

What is a good thought for the day?

- Well, We are just trying to give you some best thought of the day, I am sure you will love to read it.

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Good thoughts of the day

Everything is easy if you have the craze of doing and nothing will be easy if you become lazy.

Never make any decision base on that's people's advice who won’t have to deal with the results.

Today is the perfect day to convert the day a wonderful day!
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Don’t wait. Always keep your journey, coz the time will never be just right.

Change your thoughts and you will see changing the world.

Beautiful things will happen if you make distance yourself from negative things.

Take another task only after when you have done your first task, doing second work before doing first is like mean you are doing delay your first work.
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Your time is limited, so that thing which you want to do, don’t waste it living someone else’s life.

A goal that you are not planned for it, is a wish; a dream that you are not following, is a fantasy.

Don’t be afraid of failure, coz is the first destination of way to succeed.

If it's your dream, not fantasy, then don’t cheat in doing the work for making it. Give it all you’ve got.
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Yesterday is gone, never come back. Tomorrow has not yet come. It's your today when you can do something for you. Let's begin the journey to your dreams.

Do something every day that moves toward your goal. Get going and keep going until it has done.

The courage to continue divides successful people from failure people.

Never be too excited to meet someone new.
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Always remember to challenge yourself to go many more from your comfortable zone, Create more, experience more, and get more.

If you think you’re leading then make sure some people are following you, if no one follows you then you’re only taking a walk.

Dream your dreams with a closed eye and open your eyes to make it or get it. Don't give more time to dreaming or it will never become true.
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The better you know about yourself, The better you know about the world.

Don't feel bad for anything you get bad results, because bad times are come to teach you something more about your life.

Going halfway never gets you anywhere and doing something half, never give you any result, Do complete the work or don’t do anything.
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Don’t be discouraged. It may be the last key in the bunch that opens the lock.

Don’t fear of doing more, coz your dreams are too big. Do more get more.

Today do the work like when you look back you feel grateful, always look ahead and be hopeful.
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Positivity is the courage of starting, negativity is the reason of fail!

Successful people do not have any extra power, they are just passionately curious.

Leadership is mostly like swimming, no one can learn it by reading something about it.
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More people will become like you if you believe that every people are good until it is proven bad.

If you thinking that you are that big to make a difference, then sleep a night with mosquitos.

A good head with a great heart is always a formidable combination.
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Never be feel ashamed of your past. It’s the thing that made you the amazing person you are today.

Push yourself today for what you want to get tomorrow!

Difficulties also necessary in life, because without any struggle how do we celebrate success.

If you want to win your fear, go and start a war with fear. It is the only way to win any fear.
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If you don’t like something, do something and change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude and love it.

If you don’t love yourself, then you will see nobody will love or respect you.

You can't swim without leaving the shore. You have to leave the shore to swim for the other side.

It’s okay to rest for some time. but it’s not okay to quit.
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If you love your life, then don’t waste your time.

All the peoples are not always do something get to return, otherwise, no one will go to another's funeral.

Don't rais your voice, just rais your words. Thunder can't grow plants, it is the rain that grows any plant.

Freedom is doing somethings with your own advice and becomes fearless.
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You have to go too far to just discover how far you can really go.

Small thought of the day

Success without struggle and rainbow without rain is just a wish, nothing more.

Being fearless when you are most scared is the best trick to solve any problem.

Life of most peoples are like a cock, they have a father but don't fly because of fear.

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Life's greatest joy is not winning without any loss, it's the win with many losses.

If we concentrate more on our dreams and less on competition then we would more results.

Wise enemy and fool friends are the most dangerous than any other thing.

Your life is too short. So stay present and live fearlessly.
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Don't go to the punishment of your enemy, it's not your job. Do your job the God will punish him with his way.

If you know what results would come and you do nothing, the result comes nothing.

When you replace your negative thoughts with positive thoughts, you will start having positive results.
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Mistakes are not the obstacle of way to success, it's the stairs we climb to reach success.

There are two types of people, one will say life is short so enjoy it today and others will say life is short so do the work today. The choice is yours.

Success will never lower its standard for anyone. We have to raise our standard to become successful.

Always try to become better than yesterday. One day will realize you become more than you thought.

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A Good attitude will convert your bad day to a great day, which becomes a great month, which becomes a great year and finally which becomes a great life.

Always be more excited about getting something than the fear of losing something.

Winning the struggle of life begins when you come out from your comfort zone.

Be the wise person and learn from others' mistakes, not be the fool who is going to do the same mistake.
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Just because I can’t do it now, doesn’t mean I can't able to do it later.

Witing for success without doing any hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted any tree.

Don't make friendship with fools, they can't able to help you, but they will give you trouble.

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