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In the morning, with some best inspiring quotes for your child that will give positivity to them.

Thought of the day for kids has some great quotes for your child from the world's great leader.

Learning about something is very important to do anything and you get some great life lessons for life.

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thought for the day for school assembly

If you know which good, then do good. Don't do anything bad.

Want to become powerful in life, educate yourself, knowledge is the king. It’s that simple.

Talking; means you are repeating the same knowledge you know, but when you listen to others that means you taking knowledge from others.

Learn as much as you can now while you are teen, coz later in life it's time to implement and no time for learning.

The capacity to learn is god gifted and you can't control it, but the willingness to learn is a choice and you have to control it for your goodness.

The more that you read, the more knowledge you get. The more you know, the more you get!

The more you give, the happier you become.

Logic is the same for everyone, no one can do out of the box from it. Imagination unique to every individual, the only thing that can thing about out of the box.

Be yourself, be unique don't just follow what others can do something that nobody can do.

You’re braver than you think and stronger than you believe, and smarter than you want to be.

Do every little bit of good that you can, it’s those little bits of good that put together whole the world.

At your young age, you like clever peoples. But when you become old you will admire kind people.

One thing in human life is very important, that is to be kind.

When you are kind to other peoples, it not you only changes yourself, it is you change the world.

Today is your do what you want to do, coz yesterday day was gone and future is not sure to come or not.

Why you sit here when you were born to do more?

The real happiness is, love everyone and be loved.

Always love yourself It is important to stay positive, Coz positive energy will push you to take every chance.

always meet others with a smile, it will make your friends and families happy and your enemies jealous.

The most important thing in life is family and love.

Sometimes the heart sees more things that eyes can't see.

A real leader is one who knows the ways, goes in that and shows others the way.

If your work can inspire others to dream more, it's great, do more and inspire more, you are a leader.

No one will believe in you until you believe in yourself.

Life is very tough and darling, you have to make yourself strong.

Nothing is hard as much you think, if you break it down into small jobs it will become easy.

Mistakes are also a part of our life, you can't stop it to happen but learn from it and try to never do again.

We can't stop winter to happen, but we can wear worm cloths. We can't stop mistakes to happen, but we can learn the lesson for next time.

Always treat others the way that you want to be treated.

Always do work on time, coz you can't get it back.

Your today's work will define how your future becomes.

For the excuser, there is always be some problem in there way, but successor always makes results.

Today is the day to learn something you don't know.

There is no shortcut in the way of success. So go little by little every day.

For becoming perfect there are so many unperfect tries, one tries never give you perfection.

They are pro players today, but they also noob when do it first.

Success journey is not a game of one day. it will take time to happen.

Once more try; is the secret of every big win.

Without taking a risk you can do nothing, I reaped nothing. Be fearless and make a habit to take the risk.

The future depends on what you are doing today. For a better future, do study and learn more.

Starting in first doesn't mean reach in first.

if you really want something, never give up. It is difficult to wait, but it's more difficult to forget something that you want.

Never dream of success. Do work for it. you will get it.

Do not give up, the beginning is always the hardest.

Mistakes are proof that you are trying to do something.

every fall will give you some knowledge and every next try is the chance of success.

Go in the direction of your dreams fearless and don't stop to live the life you have imagined.

thought of the day for kids in school

you only do better when you know better.

You learn something every day if you are curious about learning.

Education is the tool to make your future, tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

Education is the most powerful weapon which can use change the world.

Knowledge is the most important tool to do anything, so take it today for tomorrow's work.

Always help others but not to get back.

Success is not the final destination it's just a stop for rest sometimes, life is an ongoing process, set another goal when you get one.

Don't give opportunities to your fear to make decisions for your future.

Make your vision so clear that your fears can't fit in there.

Tough time decides your power and capacity.

Always respect people also who don’t deserve it, it does not define their character, but it's a reflection of yours.

Dream: work: success: the real way to get anything.

The only way to become your dreams to success is hard work.

What you think, you become. What you feel, you react. What you imagine, you can create.

Doing Physical exercise makes you Physically healthy, reading books makes you mentally healthy.

It needs no knowledge to join the crowd. It every knowledge to stand alone.

The paste is for a tour when you are free but never to stay.

A good leader is to take more share of the blame, and less than his share of the credit.

Only the very weak-minded refuse to be influenced by literature and poetry.

Books are uniquely portable magic.

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