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You can close your eyes when you don't want to see something, but it's not possible for your heart to things you don’t want to feel.

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Sometimes having nobody is good, coz no one can hurt you.

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You are broken because you believed him, and he is ok because he lied to you.

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The happy ending does not happen in every person's life, some people are just for the story like me.

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The saddest thing when someone you know becomes someone you knew.

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She asked me "If I knew you", Millions of memories are flashed through my mind and I just smile and said no.

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Relationships are like a glass bottle. once it breaks, then it's not easy to make it again.

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He is never thinking about it, but losing him broke me totally.

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The greatest joy and greatest pain come from just one thing in our life, that is Relationships.

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If someone leaves you then it's not the end of your story. That means it's the end of their part in your story.

Sad Quotes on Love | Broken heart quotes image

What are some sad quotes?

short sad love quotes

There is one pain in my heart, I always feel, which you never know. caused I love you and you don't. 

I care to all but not like you and this is my biggest problem.

Pain is when you look in the eyes of someone you love and then they look away.

Hello, darkness, my old friend I return to talk with you again but this time I don't leave you alone again.

I feel like everybody secretly hate me, don't know why.

I am sad, and now sadness is like me so never leave me and I always sad.

Tears are the results of many love stories. Some couples also get life long happiness but not everyone.

Words hurt more then anything else, but if the word comes from love's mouth it has become the saddest thing in the world.

What is the saddest quote ever?

Saddest thing; people say about love and care you so much, yet they replace someone so quickly. How?

If you care someone, more then they deserve, you get hurt. Don't do it.

I am sad and I know no one can make me happy, but I just want someone to talk because I want to forget something.

I really need someone to talk....

I am not strong, not anymore, I am not.

They think I am sad, but I just enjoy the word of silence.

My silence is my happiness, coz at that time I remember my mistakes.

And, now I am sad once again. but last time also I promised to never love someone and it's not last.

It hurts, but don't worry now it's used to for me.

My mind always warns me but the heart never listens to the warning.

Be strong; now it's not easy to control the heart but one day you can.

I know someone will hurt you and then you know how much you hurt me.

Sometimes memories come from eyes and wet my cheeks when I think about you.

I am not sad, also not happy. I just become empty.

I still not forgive my heart for loving you.

My friends think I forget everything, but your memories still hurting me when I am alone.

Once I fight with all the world for you, but now I fight with memories of you.

Now I know stay alone is for strong people and why I am alone.

I wish we never met again. I don't want to cry anymore.

You are a lier so you cheat me, I also a lier coz no one knows I am sad.

I know it's over, but my heart doesn't want to understand it.

Sadness is I am dying inside, but there is no one to tell it.

I thought he will become my medicine, but I was wrong, He hit me at my damaged part.

The sadness of the crucial world. He hurt me and now he acts like I am hurt him.

I will never give a chance to anyone to close again. Never.

I thought he had come to wipe my tears, but he forgot to make me laugh.

It's hurt when you realize that you are not important to them as you give him importance.

I just want someone to say, don't worry I am here.

I am not complete and I thought you will make me complete, but you destroy me completely.

The person who says I hate to love is the one who once loved someone unconditionally.

Now I stopped explaining myself because I realized people want to understand their way, not by my condition.

You will grow if you focus on the lesson instead of focusing to hurt.

I am strong doesn't mean I deserve the pain.
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