Good night love quotes | Messages | Wish your lover ~ Quotee of life

Good night love quotes | Messages | Wish your lover

Good night Quotes for your lover

How do you wish a good night for your lover?

 - Well, many people send good night quotes to their lover coz it is the best way to wish them.

 - With some Romantic Quotes and Messages, you can give them a feel of your love. So, what you think? It is the best way to wish them.

Need a meaning and great Good night Quotes to send your lover?

Don't worry! Here is some collection of good quality Quotes, Message or Wishes to send your lover.

Romantic quotes from lovers can bring sweet sweet dreams to the receiver, so just copy and paste the quotes.

If you send sweet good night quotes to him or her, then probably you also get one sweet quote with love from your lover.

What are good night messages?

 -Here are the quotes:-

Good night love quotes | Messages | Wish your lover

Good Night, my dear. I hope you sleep well and have sweet sweet dreams. I love you so much. I am waiting to see you in the morning.

Hello, My love. I just thinking about you all day. and you go to bad for a wonderful and sweet dream. I love you.

It is hard to stay away from you. I miss you a lot. I am very excited to go home and see you again. Sending hugs and kisses. Good Night.

Hey, my love sleeps well and hoping for beautiful dreams. I love you so much. Waiting to see you tomorrow morning.
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You are the prettiest girl in the world, and I am the luckiest guy to have you in my life. Good Night, my love, and sweet sweet dreams.

There are very few people in this world, with whom I feel comfortable and you are one of them. We both have so much in common. Thank you for everything and good night and sweet dream.

You are my dreamgirl. I hope your dreams have become sweeter than mine. I love you so much and Sleep well my darling.

Good night quotes of love

My rooms are so lonely without you. But also a boring job would be much better when you are with me. I love you, my darling Good Night.
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Good Night, to my sweetheart. I think about you now and all the time when you are away. I know you will do well tomorrow.

You are so handsome and smart. I just love with you, always. Thinking about our best moments. Sleep well and I will come in your dream.

I feel so grateful for the moment I have had with you. You are the need of my life to live coz I love you. Sleep well and have wonderful dreams.

It took me many years to find my perfect soulmate, and now that I have you, I am so lucky and grateful. Some kisses and hugs to my love. I can’t wait to hold you in my arms.
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I truly feel honored when my friends called me yours. Before you go to sleep, keep in mind that someone cares and thinking about you, Good night my love.

I lost my sleep somewhere, coz when I close my eyes, I see you in my frond and feel like you are going to huge me. Forget about my sleep, you sleep well coz I am coming in your dreams.

Queen of my kingdom, you are the thing which I think about first when  I wake up and last when I go to sleep. Thank you for making my life so happy and lucky. Goodnight my love and dream me.
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I thank God for creating such a rare gem like you and give it to my life. Your love has made me so lucky and happiest person. I am just waiting to spend the rest of my life with you and your love. my love, Good night.

Sleeping beside you is a haven for me. I just miss you, my love, very soon I will come to you to spend the rest of life. Good night, my love.

Every night, I dream of a fantastic personality who teaches me about my life and love, and then now I know that the personality is you, thank you for everything and  Good night, my love.

I feel very happy when I see your good morning message, but feel happier when its night, coz I know you will come in my dreams and spend hours of time. Good night my love.
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My love after you came to my life I feel everything became new. Your love and sweet smile are the reason for becoming a successful person and always feel motivated. Now my life becomes happier than before. love you my love, Good night.

Your love is my lucky thing, from the day I meet you my life becomes happier than before. Thanks for coming to my life and I love you so much now and forever. Goodnight my life.

Good night message for my sweetheart

I have prepared something very special for you in your dream. So now close your eyes, think about me and sleep, You will meet me on your dream. Goodnight, sleeping beauty.
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From the day I met you, my life is filled with your love and positive energy. I become the luckiest guy in the world. Good night, my angel.

The time when I know you are mine I become so happy, but when I know you are always mine my life becomes successful. I love you, Good night.

If it becomes true life after death, I hope we are dying at the same time. Coz I need you in that life also and I can't live without you in this life and after death also. Good night my life.

People often say love is fake and before I met you I also think it, but now I understood love from a different perspective. I love you, my cute princess. Good night.
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You are the thing which I think before I fall asleep and the first when I wake up. Good night my love.

Good night, my dear love. May you dream lovely things and get it your real life.

Now my dreams have become true, coz you are with me and we live our happy life. Good night my love.

Waiting for the day when we will not say goodbye, only say goodnight. Sweet dreams to my cutie-pie.

Wake up with the freshness of determination. Go to bed with joy fo success. Good night my handsome warrior.
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Good night my love. it's time to meet again in dreams, so go to sleep.
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