57+ Best Fake people Quotes | Fake friend quotes

Best quotes for fake people

Fake people are the most dangerous for you and your family. 

I don't know, how was the face of a fake people, but they will show their original face when they get their need from.

How do you deal with fake people quotes?

- Well, I don't know the real strategy but I will recommend to never reveal your reality and stay away from them.

Here are some fake friends and fake people quotes for you.

 Quotes about fake friends and moving on

The word "Friend" is everything for someone who gets real friends and nothing for someone who gets a fake one.

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I wise to the god to surround myself with people who are real and reveal their imperfection, rather than people with fake perfection.

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Be careful my friends, Peoples are were masks of a lie so they look attractive and supportive.

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Soap's bubble never stays in rain, just like fake friends never stay when you are in trouble.

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Never become a too good person, coz fake friends are always ready to take his need and through you like a wrapper.

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A person's character is shown through their actions in life no matter they always hang out with you or not.

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Once you get a fake friend, you will be fear of making friends in your hole life.

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Some people try to appear that everything about them is in black and white until you find they are grey.

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The only time when you found which is your real friends is when you are in trouble.

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Fake friends are when they stop talking to you mean they start talking about you.

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Maturity is; knowing everyone you thing your friends are not your real friends.

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Fake friends are like a shadow, they will follow you when you are in the light but never in darkness.

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There is no point in being pretty outside if you are not pretty from inside.

Always be careful and sleep with one eye open. There is no sure which you think your best friends and he become your enemies.

I’m so tired my friend, from your drama and lie.

A knowing enemy is far better than a fake friend.

Stay real, don't do drama, or stay away from me.

Fake friends will around when they know you are happy. True friends are never thinking about it, they are always with you.

I feel lough and angry both, how you show me as a real friend and say shit about me when I am not with you.

I didn’t lose a friend, coz you are my enemy just you act like a friend.

In trouble time you know who is your best friend.

Some peoples are real, Some are good and some are good at being good.

It's profitable when you lose a fake friend.

Two dangerous things in life; when real friends become enemies and enemies become a fake friend.

After growing we realize; hundreds of friends are useless and just some real friends are important.

The world's most dangerous species of animals are fake friends.

I don’t have time for fake friends you may go.

True friends are always ready to help you and Fake friends have always excuse for not helping you.

One fake friend is more dangerous than a hundred enemies.

Be careful my friends; there are so many people who has the mask of real friends.

Fake friends show their true color when they get the thing which they need from you.

They think I am rude, but they don't know I am real.

Fake people quotes and saying

Fake friends believe the gossip about you, but real friends never coz they know you.

A fake friend never wants you to do something better than them.

Sometimes you have to give up on people. Not because you don’t care but because they don’t.

Real friends are like black and white, but fake friends are like grey; not black nor white.

Fake friends are leaving you when you cry. But true friends will cry when you leave them.

Fake friends only appear when you are in the light like a shadow.

Lord, give me the power of knowing who is the fake friends.

Most people have two faces like a coin has two sides.

Some of the peoples are more poisonous than a snake and some of them disguised as friends and family.

I love peoples with a lack of drama to make life easy and happier.

Fake people are the reason why I love to be alone.

I don't want people to expose their fake mask, but they exposed themself when they have done their job.

Peoples are think being alone and being lonely are the same, but not for me, For me surrounded by fake people is really lonely.

Not all the time peoples are changed, some time may just they open their musk. 

Just pay attention when you win, who are not clapping at your win. You got the fake people or sometimes friends.

When you know someone is two faces, then don't trust any of his characters.

Growing up means realizing all the people show you their goods are not really good.

Every coin has two sides, a bit like most of the people have two faces.

Better to possess an enemy who slaps you within the face than a lover who stabs you within the back.

A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself.

A real friend is one who walks in when the remainder of the planet walks out.

A true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be taking place.

True friendship can afford true knowledge. It doesn't depend upon darkness and ignorance.

The friendship which will cease has never been real.

Never contact friendship with a person that's not better than thyself.

It is only the good-hearted who are often true friends. The mean and cowardly can never know what true friendship means.

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