127 Best Depression quotes with pics - Quotes of life ~ Quotee of life

127 Best Depression quotes with pics - Quotes of life

Depression and anxiety quotes

You can do much more then what you can be done until now.

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No one will understand the hell you feel inside you.

The dirty thing is depression will kill you one day if you don't kill it.

You have the reason for feeling happy but you don't, that is the depression.

Depression comes from problems. So go for the solution and fix the problem.

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Bitter true is, Depression, failure also needed for humanity, or people will kill humanity.

Storm comes and goes to everyone's life, don't warry your bad time also be gone.

"I am ok" mean is not the same every time, sometimes it means I am not ok.

Depression will feel you what other peoples have and you don't have.

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No bad time lasts forever. A good time will come after some time.

Depression is killing your present and destroying your future.

If you set a big goal, then you have to do big work for it, Without hard work, there is no success.

If you think I am alone, then you will fall in depressed.

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Your happiness is in your responsibility, make yourself happy or depressed.

It does not fail that you think, it's time to ready for a jump.

There is nothing more depressing than having no reason about depression.

Earlier you saw my downfall, Now you will see my rising.

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Positive thinking is an exercise for our brain and depression is toxic for our brain.

You can't hide depression when you feel depressed, because your eyes speak about it.

Depression is not easy to control, but if you can control it then your life is now in your control.

Some people never love to see others happy, and these types of people never are happy.

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Don't feel depressed for your goal, Do for the goal and get it.

Sad quotes on depression

If you don't experience the pain, then don't judge the people who deal with it.

Don't think about your failure and feel depressed, think about what you get and feel happy.

If you have depression then it's ok, but if you feel depressed all the time then you will kill you.

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For becoming a light you have to burn yourself first.

Depression is not a disease; it is a normal response to human beings. So ignore it and go forward.

Depression is a jail, where the prisoner and cruel jailor both are you.

Having depression is not an unnecessary thing, it is the thing that makes you a Human being.

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Now it's the time to get back your inner fire.

How can I be strong quotes

Healing doesn't mean your pain is gone, It means you are now controlled by yourself, not by your pain.

Never be depressed, never stop, keep going and focus on your goal, not in problem, one day you will be there where you want to be.

Use these quotes on your mobile/desktop wallpaper, You’ll think more positively every time you use your phone/desktop.

Most of the time depression is happen due to a brain chemical, not for the problem with inner weakness. If depression only because of your failure, then a failure never be happy.

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Your brain is very powerful that it can control your depression, don't believe it then start dancing for 5min.

Measure your life by your best moment, not by your bad moment, you will get a depression free life.

I wish people would understand this; when you feel depressed, then your depression control you, not you control yourself.

All the battles are not the same to win in the first attempt, some battle you may fight one more time.

And the funny thing is if ask anyone about depression all the people will say don't think about it.

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Every mistake will give you two choices, 1) Learn from this mistake what's wrong and do it next time. 2) Think about the fail and feel depressed.

Feel depression is easy, just think about your fails. But it's not easy to remove depression from your mind.

I know you feel tired and scared, but it happens to everyone, okay. And everyone goes forward with it and become a success.

Don't be depressed, it's just a chapter of your life, turn the page next chapter will be very good for you.

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Depression will always say that you can't do anything, and when you beat depression then you can do anything.

Maturity is; when you know and accept reality. The more you know and accept the more mature you become.

The Shadows are important to light to make the value of it, Failures are also important to success for the value of success.

If you have a big shop but don't have any customer then it is valueless. If you don't control yourself then your success is valueless.

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There is no normal life, there is a problem in everyone's life. Some people can fix their problems and feel depression free and others just fall in depression.

There is something in every time to make happy yourself, and something other to depress yourself.

There is no time to sit and think about your last fail and feel depressed, We must move to our next task and do it.

Depression is a chapter of your book which name is life, turn the page and start the next chapter, don't stay in a single chapter.

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Don't stay in your last fail and feel depressed, it's your fail but it's past. Think about the future and stay in the present.

When you feel depressed you will analyze what the role played in this world and tell you what you don't have.

Don't stay in your past and depressed or it will destroy your present and give you an insecure future.

Depression feels you bad and positivity feels you good and both of its needs for success.

The future is not in your destiny, the future is in your present's work.

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No one can help you until you help yourself.

Feeling depresses mean you waste your time.

Sometimes it's also okay when it is not okay.

Don't feel depressed, there is always a solution.

Self-controlling and self-satisfaction is a superpower.

No matter how good or bad position you are its not your permanent position, it's only today's position.

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Nothing will change I repeat nothing will change if you don't change anything.

I need a break from my own life.

Don't go for an explanation of depression, just ignore it.

Love your future and forget your past.

Change is good but never easy.

Your today's pain is tomorrow's happy.

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Stop scratching your pain to heal it.

Improve your roots to improve your fruits.

Stop blaming and start taking responsibility, it's your duty.

Don't fear, face your problem, understand them, focus on the solution and it will be done.

Nobody has the power to destroy you except you, nobody has the power to save you except you.

Do the things before it becomes too late, days are for doing work and nights are for making tomorrow's routine.

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One day you got all the think you want, at a time and you will be proud of yourself.

Give to others whatever you can.

Rest is okay but quit is not okay.

No, you are not alone in a problem but all the people are in their own problem.

If you run away from your problem without identifying what is the main issue, then you will face the same problem again and again cause you are run away every time when the problem apers.

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If you love a thing or a people too much, then you can't see their mistake and you make them bad for another world.

Depression is a signal to improve and upgrade your life, not a way to kill yourself.

According to science; exercise, yoga, meditation and playing physical games can reduce your depression.

In meditation, you will know sitting and breathing is enough to make life happy.

It's okay to cry, bad days are happen but thinking you are alone and you can't do anything is not okay.

It's not you who think you can't do anything, it's the assholes who surrounded around you.

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God created the world so tough but not to fail you, just because to make yourself make unbreakable.

Not all the tasks we do are tough, some tasks are easy but we make them hard by our thinking.

If it's your life if you make your life by yourself, then why are you blaming others?

I am always with myself to make myself stronger.

You never found your happiness where you lost it.

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Daily improving is the easiest and most powerful weapon to upgrade something.

You can't stop others from saying negative to you, but you can to not take them seriously.

People become a success because they take their work so seriously.

Your brain will start to work after your first depression.

Depressed people are only seeing their own pain and failures, but there are more social problems in the world then you think.

Depression is not holding you, you are holding the depression.

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Frustration comes because of our mistake.

If you got awareness all the problems will be solved.

The secret of peace is accepting reality, the faster you accept it, the faster you got peace.

We need to stop blaming our past for any kind of situation we are in.

Depression comes from the past's mistake and peace comes from the present situation. So stop living in the past and start living in the present.

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If you have a problem then analyze it and find the root, it is the perfect way to do.

Not all the problems come to disturb your life. Some problems some to clear your path by clearing your competitor.

Busyness gives no time to depression and busy work gives you a fee for your work.

The more time you feel depressed the more you lose touch with the reality.

Don't decide anything when you are in depression, because depression is killing your intelligent to think about a good future.

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Depression and anxiety is the symptom of too much time-wasting in thinking about the past.

All the problem will be solved by you, It just takes some time, just hope and work.

Depression is fear before you get success and if you win the fear then you will be a success.

Depression is when you feel lonely even when you are with your friends.

Losing life is not more painful than losing the reason for why you are living.

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At first, you are also not able to read anything, but now you are the master to read. At the first in any field, you are a noob, not a pro.

All the people you see have their own depression, but they have a smile on their faces because they know showing depression to others is not a solution.

You have depression as much as you can handle because God never gives you more heavy load then you can carry.

When you are in depression, you are lost your talent for some time.

When you feel depressed; just take a deep breath, stop thinking and say loudly I am the best.

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Sometime your headphone will be your best tool to stop feeling depressed.

Depression is not real depression, real depression is wasting your precious time to feel depress yourself.

It is very hard to describe depression to those people who never feel depressed in their life.

Depression is like a war, either you win the war or you will die in just trying to win it.

Whenever you think depression then you are living in your past, not in present.

When you feel depressed you know you are alone, and when you are in happy you know you are not alone.

Depression doesn't come in Sunday, Depression comes on Monday.

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Depression and sadness are not the same things.

Please don't judge other peoples how they face their pain, it's their problem and you don't know what is their inner situation.

A new day means another chance.

I just need a hug, A tide hug, A long tide hug to forget all this sit thing.
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