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Forgoing a long way makes a group, and for faster go single.

Motivational Quotes with photo

If you think you are a star, then you deserve shining.

Motivational Quotes with photo

Only buy things that you really need or for your passion, but never spend money to show others.

Motivational Quotes with photo

If you don't fear of perfection, then you’ll never reach it.

Motivational Quotes with photo

Winners never quit, and who quit they never win.

Motivational Quotes with photo

If it's not me, then who? not now, then when?

Motivational Quotes with photo

Life will be simple when you do all the things with discipline, and life will be complicated if you overthink it.

Motivational Quotes with photo

The top-secret to achieve your goal; set the goal, break it in many steps, do all the steps from time to time.

Motivational Quotes with photo

Don’t count the days, make the moment of rememberable.

Motivational Quotes with photo

Listening well is better than well said.

Motivational Quotes with photo

If whatever you do, do it with all your strength. You will definitely succeed.

Motivational Quotes with photo

The future starts now, not the next day.

Motivational Quotes with photo

Nothing is impossible for them who will try it.

Motivational Quotes with photo

Nobody can hurt me if I don't give him permission.

Motivational Quotes with photo

Nobody gives you power, you have to take it your own way.

Motivational Quotes with photo

I don't want to live just a simple life, I want to make my empire.

Motivational Quotes with photo

You get what you want, but if you do with the right strategy and passion, and not give up.

Motivational Quotes with photo

Do not try to teach a fish to climb a tree.

Motivational Quotes with photo

Start doing work, before you lost other things you have.

Motivational Quotes with photo

Doing your best at this time puts you in the best position for the next moment.

Motivational Quotes with photo

I agree that money does not give us happiness, but most of the time money can give us the thing which gives us happiness.

Motivational Quotes with photo

"Later'' or "not now" are mean it will never.

Motivational Quotes with photo

Cut the day from your calendar which called "someday" to start a successful life journey.

Motivational Quotes with photo

If it needs to change yourself then do it, but only when it's for your future, not for others thinking.

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Motivational Quotes with photo

Don't do every shit that your heart wants. Analyze with the brain, what the heart wants, and then do the work.

Motivational Quotes with photo

Attachment is the root of suffering.

The things you worried, are things that matter to you.

Those who dare to fail badly can achieve a lot.

When our memories overwhelm your dreams, it is that we grow old.

If you think you are a star, then you deserve shining.

Don't rest with what life gives you, do work for what you want.

Some think; nobody can be done so it's also impossible for me, others think; nobody can be done, then it's the opportunity for me.

Don't try to stop people from criticizing you, it will make you stronger.

Creativity is intelligence having fun.

I do not want to be a hindrance to my own limitations.

Those who say it cannot be done are usually hindered by others from doing it.

The greatest joy in living is not in falling, but in falling every time.

If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.

One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful, and then you smile.

If you let your head grow too big, then someday it will break your neck.

Fame is like caviar, you know it’s good, but not in every meal.

Everybody will ignore you until you do the work that makes you a rememberable person.

If you are not in the light, then your own shadow will not follow you.

A diamond with a flaw is better than a pebble.

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Knowing is not enough; you must have to apply. Willing is not enough; you must have to do.

It's not the mountains who disturb you to climb it, it’s the little pebble in your shoe.

The biggest joy of life is to live the life which you want to be.

If you know then why you concern yourself by other's opinions.

If you don't have any haters or nobody criticizes you, then you do nothing.

It’s not hard to fool the eye but it’s not easy to fool the heart.

Extra time is for your dream, not for rest.

Once you know your real power, then no one can use them against you.

A good actor can play the role of a clown, but a clown can't play all the roles of a good actor.

Wise people talk less, and idiots are shout more.

At first, all the ideas are doubt, until it has done.

Science is the secret of knowledge. Wisdom is a secret of a good life.

As long as you work, you are alive. If you give up working, it means you have died.

It is the madness that makes you a successful person, no matter in which field you are.

The way of success is not an easy task, but with hard work, discipline, madness, and passion, it is not difficult either.

All the people are living the life, but not everyone can convert his dream into reality.
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