84 Best life Quotes with photo- Quotes of life ~ Quotee of life

84 Best life Quotes with photo- Quotes of life

Life Quotes have the power to convert your life from complicated to simple.

Here are some life motivational quotes for you.

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Take your anger for your action, not for your enemy.

Successor learns from others and losers blame others.

Quotes life with photo - Quotes of life

When others stop doing, successful people bounce back there.

Choose your correct path and give your 100% and go to your destination.

Take your highest version, it's a competition, not just prove to be a competitor, Lead the market. 

Create a moment, not just survive. lead the earth. 

Quotes life with photo- Quotes of life

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You have to drag the diamond for shine.
Quotes life with photo- Quotes of life

Smile is not happiness, but happiness is a smile. 

Questions to yourself; Am I working hard enough. 

Different between love and like is When you like a flower you pluck it, but if you love the flower you water it daily.

Lead the market not just a seller of the market. 

Time to work a little harder. 

Only be rich is not to be the goal, What you do with million dollars at the age of 90. 

People say; money can't give you happiness but I prefer to cry on Audi, not in a footpath. 

When you feel tired, think about your dreams. It will give you the power to re-work. 

Taking risks is the first step toward success. 

If you think Life is hard, Remember that It takes 6 months to build Rolls Royce and 13 hours to a Toyota.

Don't sell yourself for money, Work for it to buy anything.

Patience is the best manner.

Make it happen and shock everyone.

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Show them "what is called a life". 

Every smiling face is not happy, Its the attitude which says how strong he is. 

Some people take rest when they are tired others are when they succeed.

Talent is nothing without dedication.

Tv and other entertainment won't buy you this. Want it then work for it.

Work hard until you reach your goal.

Don't just about think it, work for it.

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A positive attitude, Good discipline, and madness of success will make you a successful person. 

There are only a few people in the world with a big collection of knowledge, others just have a positive attitude.

Good is the biggest enemy of great. When good come ordinary people stop doing but extraordinary people do until it is great.

Success is not just making your dream into reality, but in the time you want.

Kids fight with them, men are revenge, and legends are shown them his position.

Devil or enemy can't harm you when the Creator or god save you from it.

Make happiness the partner of your success journey.

Life is a war zone and you are a warrior, win or die but never be a coward.

Be mature and learn from others' mistakes, don't wait for yours.

Want respect from others then start doing respect others.

Work today too hard that your future version says thanks to his older version.

Be no 1, not top 10 or top 100.

The world is giver just you have to know how to take.

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Which people give you a solution all the time, they have the most problem in their life.

If you stay focus on goal your goal then you see your goal, if you see on the problem you lost your goal.

It is useless if you have a very long friend list on social media but not in a friend in real life.

If just entertainment is important to you then ok, you stay focus on your distraction, not on goal.

just because it hurts you does not mean its a wrong decision. People are all same, its just knowledge, dedication, character, and money which give you respect from others.

Stop checking status and notification and start to study for you and also your parents.

Stop impressing others, live for your parents, country, your loved one and yourself.

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Choose your position with the situation, The quiet one, the fun and crazy one, the anger one or other one which people never see.

The lie has come from fear of punishment. Mean fearless people don't lie.

Don't fear to be alone, that the position when you meet your self.

The mind is like water, drain it where you want to carry.

Don't make too many friends waste your time. Make some good friends to spend the holiday.

Analyze your habits and keep only a good one for a successful life.

Don't forget you have promised to your dream.

Stop wasting your time, chance, opportunity, also respect and start doing something for yourself.

Dressing admirably is likewise a type of good habits. 

Don't waste time hating someone.

Don't just think about which car you buy when you have money, make money and buy all.

Make something great that's upcoming generation salute you.

you never tell a lie if you don't fear anyone, you only lie when you are afraid.

Make yourself like a diamond precious and rare, Not like other stone which found everywhere.

Of course, I do, I just never give up.

Your Lamborghini has not described your success for your loved one, but your enemy will know your position.

Doing mistakes many times is acceptable, not fake perfection.

When your heart is broken, your brain starts working.

Thinking big is not easy for all But if you can, then you can change it into a reality.

Become a prayer of others, not a hater.

Keep your enemy with they will show you all your mistakes.

Success is not outer liabilities, success is inner peace.

Dedicate yourself for your dreams, your dream will back it with interest.

No matter your mother is educated or not, but she is your best teacher.

Just make a good routine and follow it with discipline, Success will soon.

Lamborghini doesn't have a television promotion, because the people who can manage the cost aren't sitting around watching tv.

You have to laugh at their lifestyle, who laughed at your dreams.

Success is not about how your life looks to others, It's about how it feels to you.

you don't stop when you tired, you stop when you have done.

Believe is success and fear is a failure.

Everything is hard before do, and easy after done.

If you want to be strong a personality, learn how to fight the battle alone.

Want to be successful quickly, challenge yourself when you are tired.

Before doing its always impossible.

Make sure which way you go is getting you closer to where you want to go tomorrow.

Do silently until its sound hip hip hurray.
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