64 Best love quotes for him her with photo- Quotes of life ~ Quotee of life

64 Best love quotes for him her with photo- Quotes of life

There are so many love quotes for him/her, but I post only some here. If their possibility of life here then only for love. Love is life. There is not a possible life without love. So love everyone and spere peace in the whole world. 

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Quotes of love 

Love as the energy to go anywhere. It is not sentimental. It doesn’t need to be beautiful, yet it doesn’t late pain.

Better to have loved and lost in love, than to have never loved at all.

To be trusted is a higher problem than to be loved.

Love quotes for him her with photo

Love cures both people, ones who give it to another and the ones who receive it from another.

Love quotes for him her with photo

If you can’t stop thinking about something, then it’s not a bad thing. It means you’re alive now.

Love quotes for him her with photo

Love is a choice you have to choose from every moment.

Love quotes for him her with photo

love quotes for him

Love is my god — I can die for that — I can die for you.

I swear I couldn't love you more than I do well now, but then I realize I will tomorrow.

Love quotes for him her with photo

The more your soul knows the more your soul loves, and loving much, soul tastes much.

Love quotes for him her with photo

Where is Love quotes there is love and live?

Love quotes for him her with photo

The first sign of love in a woman is boldness, and in boys is timidity.

Love quotes for him her with photo

Come and stay at my heart I never say you about rent.

Love quotes for him her with photo

Close your eyes, take your time and listen. What is your heart say to you?

Love quotes for him her with photo

The end means not all finish, it means to start something new.

Love quotes for him her with photo

Love is doing stupidy together.

Love quotes for him her with photo

Love is a magician which can pull a man out of his own hat.

Love quotes for him her with photo

When the power of love overcomes the world, then everywhere will be peace.

Love quotes for him her with photo

You call it madness but I call it wisdom quotes.

Love quotes for him her with photo

You have only a single life, also it will be passed very soon. Only what are you done with love will at last.

Wake up in the early morning with a winged heart and give thank got for another day is loving.
love quotes for him

On the off chance that you will come to realize that adoration recuperates everything, and love is everything that matters.

I think we have a dream, so we don’t to be apart so long to live life. because we both are on each other's dreams, therefore we are together all the time.

Love is not the feeling which you feel on your heart when you listen to some romantic song or watching a romantic movie nor that feel which you feel after seeing some couple.

Patience is a big sign of true love. If you really love someone, you will be more patient or wait for the person.

This is love: to fly toward a secret in infinity, to cause a thousand veils to fall each moment. First to let go with life. and take a step without feet.

There is always something there to love. And if you are not learned that, then you are learned nothing.

The should be love is the most noteworthy of every haughty assumption.

Love and forgiveness are never wasted. They will always make a difference. They give the one who receives them, and they give you, the giver.

I was like that ship before my education began, there is no compass or any line, and no way to know how far the harbor was.

'Give me a light!’ was the cry of my soul and the brightness of love lighting on me in that very hour.

The best relationships are those which we never observe.

A religious arousing that does not stir the sleeper to love has awakened him futile.

In the event that you are not worth the charming, at that point you are without a doubt not worth the triumphant.

Love is the unusual bewilderment that surpasses one individual because of someone else.

We need not think about love and do.

I love you, is not only for what you are but for what my heart is beating and I am alive.

Only through you, I understand that life is beautiful.

You and I all are the drops of one sea, leaves of one branch, and flowers of one garden.

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Come out from the circle of time. to feel and into the great circle of love.

This is the sky where we live, there is no place to lose your wings so love, love, love.

I would prefer to go through one lifetime with you, than face every one of the times of this world alone. 

To be your friends was all I at any point needed; to be your lovers was all I at any point imagined. 

I saw that you were immaculate, thus I adored you. At that point, I saw that you were not immaculate and I cherished you much more. 

You don't love somebody for their looks, or their garments, or for their extravagant vehicle, but since they sing a tune no one but you can hear. 

There is a frenzy in cherishing you, an absence of reason that makes it feel so impeccable. 

Adored you yesterday, cherish you still, consistently have, consistently will. 

I take a gander at you and see a mind-blowing reminder before my eyes. 

I need to be your preferred hi and hardest farewell. 

Thinking about you keeps me awake. Dreaming about you keeps me asleep. and be with you keeps me alive.

In true love, you want the other individual's good. but in romantic love, you want the person.

If you want to live for ninety years, Then I want to live to be one day less then ninety years, so I never have a moment to live without you.

Nobody until now ever measured, nor a single poet, how much a heart can hold something.

Love is sharing your popcorn at the cinema or another time.

If love is an answer, could you know what has been the question?

The gravitation force is not able to fall people in love.

Love is as a toilet – natural, and very important.

Love sometimes wants to be a great person: shake us and upside down until all the nonsense out.

By all means, marry. If you get a not bad wife, you’ll be just happy. If you get a bad one, you’ll become a great philosopher.

My wife takes all the salary I got. I just get fruits and clothes every morning.

Honesty is the thing that holds a relationship. If you don't have that, you’re in.

Love includes an impossible to miss an incomprehensible mix of comprehension and misconception.

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I love you more than tea – but please don’t say to me prove it.

Romance is the icecream, but love is the icecream parlor.

The only things which women need in their life: First is food, Second is water, and the third is good compliments.
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