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Quotes for whatsapp status

If you are waiting for something to happen, then you are too late. 

When iron gets hot you can mold it into any shape. So never lose your temper or people will mode you the shape they want. 

The kite gives us a nice and wonders massage, that flies high and high but stays connected to the ground or else you will be lost. 

A tongue has no bones, yet it is solid enough to break a heart. 

Prayers, dreams, and seeds are the same nature, they all have nothing within. But they all have the same potential to create everything. 

Take a risk in your life, if you win you can load if you lose you can win.

Quotes for Whatsapp status

Quotes for Whatsapp status

We can't upload luck, we can't download time, Google can't give all answers to life so just log in to reality and like the start of your life. 

One day the people who did not believe in you will tell everyone how they met you. 

Try not to put together your bliss with respect to someone that isn't you. 

If you have the choice, choose the best, but when there is no choice then do the best. 

Thoughts are not facts, don't believe everything which you think. 

Continuously accept that something great is going to occur. 

Always remember that something wonderful is about to happen soon. 

Trust yourself. You have to live a lot and you will survive whatever is coming.

Quotes for Whatsapp status

Life isn't getting yourself, it is tied in with making yourself. 

No matter how long you go in the wrong way, you can always turn around. 

Sometimes you need to distance your self to see things early. 

The easiest way to change your life is to change the people you choose to spend time with it. 

Be the reason for someone's smile today. 

Fall in love with your life, then you can invite whatever you like to come to join you in your bliss. 

In the event that you need me in your life, prove it. 

Every individual comes and goes, but the best one will stay. 

Sometimes your love life comes after the error of your life. 

If you live in the echo your hear never beat as loud.

Quotes for Whatsapp status

Love is like a flower, get free to let it grow. 

Don't let the colors fade into grey. 

When you have a dream you must get it and never let it go. 

You are worth more than second thought and maybe. 

Make your heart the most beautiful things of your about you. 

Spend our time with people who make you see the world differently. 

You gotta take the first step into the unknown things. 

You are that what your work says, not that what you say you'll do. 

Being honest may not get you a lot of friends but it'll always get the right ones. 

Every individual is like music, but some speak the good lyric and others make just noise. 

Everybody needs a couple of imperfections to make them genuine. 

But the tragedy is we all seek flawless love knowing no one is perfect.

Whatsapp status quotes

Sometimes I thought if my mind has a heart too. 

I wish I could go back to the bad days and learn the lesson I missed. 

A life without rain is an empty glass. 

Nothing stable in the universe; so how can you survive without moving. 

Everything becomes harder when you become everything. 

Isn't it funny? we destroy it with own hand and praying for it with the same hand.

Even leaving is an art of love.

You can't bloom so fist, you have to grow first.

Yes, it takes somethings, but not let it take your life.

Call it rain, not pain. you have no idea how much it helps you grow.

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