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Quotes about life by - Quotes of life

Quotes for Life

Quotes about life

Continuously a wrong person shows you the correct exercise of life. 

When you begin to take seriously at people's hearts rather than their faces, life clear. 

Your problem isn't the issue, your response is the issue. 

Never give up. Great things take time. 

Good is the only enemy of Great. 

Try not to give the behavior of others a chance to crush your inward harmony. 

Never be control by three things;- Your past, cash, other individuals. 

What is stress? It's the gap between our expectations and reality. More the gap, the more the stress. So expect nothing and accept everything. 

If you want to be strong. Learn to enjoy being alone. 

When you wish useful for other people, beneficial things return to you. This is low of nature.

Stop trying to calm a storm, calm your self the storm will pass. 

A few people come in your life, just to train you to release it. 

Sometimes it's better to remain silent and smile. 

Never argue with a lier, you can't win. Because they believe their own lie. 

Train your mind to calm in each situation. 

Silent is the best reply to a fool. 

If you can earn self-control you can master anything.

Learn from yesterday, live today and trust in tomorrow. 

We accept the love we think we deserve. 

If you cannot do extraordinary things, do small things in an incredible manner. 

Change is not easy, but if you don't change yourself then it's you become a failure.

Don't stop on only good.
Go for great.

Each level of your life will request another person on you.
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