All time Great Quotes about happiness - Quotes of life ~ Quotee of life

All time Great Quotes about happiness - Quotes of life

Great Quotes about happiness

There are many quotes on the internet that can bring happiness or a smile on your face. I collect some of the quotes which I like very much. 

Quotes about happiness, wise words

  • Some people fall asleep to dream. And some have some dream that not let him sleep.

  • The secret of win is "never give up". 

  • Isn't it funny how day by day nothing changes but when you look back everything is different. 

  • Falling down is a mishap, however, remaining down is a decision. 

  • Never say about your self, your real friends don't need it, and your enemies won't believe it. 

  • Photos are the only way to hold onto what you knew because the moments they show never change when the people in then do. 

  • Don't overthink, just let it go. 

  • There is only a two-stage "win or give up". Loss is your choice. 

  • Don't trust the people who tell you other people's secrets. 

  • Never too attached to anything, because everything is temporary. 

  • Successful people build their inner world, un-successful people blame their outer world. 

  • Train your mind to see the positive qualities in all things, positivity is a choice. 

  • It is your thought quality reason for your happiness. 

  • If you show your weakness to the world, then the world is playing with it, So never show it. 

  • Open your mouth if your word is better then silence. 

  • We do not listen to understand, we listen to reply. The biggest problem. 

  • Successful people focus on what they have, un-successful people focus on what they don't have.

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